Episode 372: Metaphor-lyrically

This week, we find ourselves Creature Feature-less. Our 33.3% is MIA and only The Metal Gods know where she is. So we called upon our good buddy Aaron from Iron City Rocks and Signal To Noise to enchant us with his wit and sarcasm. The man is a huge KISS fan and we take this opportunity to dissect – well OK – take the piss out of some of their lyrical output. Sometimes, the boys take their “Keep It Simple Stupid” credo a little too far and it shows in their words. We all know what’s going through Big Gene’s mind and it comes through in his lyrical delivery. They may not change the world socially or politically, but they’ve definitely entertained it over the decades. It all culminated in one of our most educational episodes ever… (in the immortal words of Scott Ian, “Not!!!!”) In our News, Views, and Tunes, we pay tribute to iconic stickman Vic Firth and go over why the Mayhem Festival is tanking. Horns Up!!

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KISS | Motley Crue

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