Episode 371: Wacken Or Bust

For Metal fans, the annual Wacken Open Air Festival is the equivalent of the World Cup or the Super Bowl. When that young Metalhead first picks up his axe, he’s got visions of standing on that very same stage. The Canadian metal scene has it’s own unique avenue of getting one of our own there. For months now, we’ve been pushing the Wacken Metal Battle, a nation wide “battle of the bands”. To the victors, go the spoils and Toronto’s VESPERIA are going to the big stage. Warming up for their time in the spotlight, the band crossed the country and we caught up with guitarists Frankie Caracci and Casey Elliot. They go through everything step by step, what they’re looking forward to, and what’s changed for the band since their victory. Representing our own region is Indie Spotlight alumni ENDLESS CHAOS, whom we gathered the entire troupe to talk about their experiences with The Battle. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we address the tragic events in the AFTER THE BURIAL and ENABLER camps. Musically we crank our interview subjects, ARMORED SAINT, EUROPE, FULGORA, HARMFUL EFFECTS and we introduce supergroup EVERY HOUR KILLS in our Indie Spotlight. Give ‘Em Hell, Dudes!! Horns!!

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Vesperia | Endless Chaos | Armored Saint | Europe

Fulgora | Harmful Effects | Every Hour Kills

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