Episode 368: Feed Us A Fetus

Death metal masters ABORTED are true veterans and underground legends. Any fan that doesn’t put them right up there in the top tier with the Cannibals and Obituarys of the world need to go back and crank their latest platter The Necrotic Manifesto. With such a killer record on regular rotation in the RAM offices, we jumped at the chance to speak with Sven de Caluwé during their recent stop in Winnipeg. We got into said record, their “Heatseeker” position, their controversial monicker, and their love of pro wrasslin’. In our News, Views and Tunes, we discuss cheap beer, selfie sticks, and figure out which classic Metal band we’d each be. We compliment all this with some killer tunes from Aborted, REVOCATION, HIGH ON FIRE, and introduce Calgary’s FALSE FLAG in our Indie Spotlight. Horns!!

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Aborted | Revocation | High On Fire | False Flag

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