Episode 493: Lord Have Mercy

February 16, 2018 Roch Vaillancourt 0

We love us some death/doom around here. Floridian metallers DRUID LORD have been on our radar for sometime now, so it was just a matter of time before we got a DLer on the RAM hotseat. Founding member Pete Slate has a metal resume dating back decades now. He’s still waving the underground Metal flag with his latest record “Grotesque Offerings”, available now from Hell’s Headbangers Records!! We talk about the new album and single, their arrival […]

Episode 490: Harmful Effects

January 26, 2018 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Hardcore rockers HARM’S WAY are making huge strides forward in their career. Predominantly a hardcore band, they have been top tier talent in that scene. We’ve been following the band from the get-go and had them on the show while they were promoting their last record. It was a pleasant surprise to see HW sign-on with Metal Blade Records. We were fully expecting to speak with usual spokesman, drummer Chris Mills, but we were stoked when vox […]

Episode 489: Decibel Destruction

January 19, 2018 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Sometimes, we swear there is no Metal Gods! If there was, then Cleveland thrash veterans DESTRUCTOR would be spoke in the same breath as some of their better known contemporaries. Dating back to the mid 80s, Destructor has persevered through tumultuous industry changes and personal tragedies. Vocalist/axeman Dave Overkill saw it all and still retains the faith to this day. We finally sat down with Mr. Overkill in a long overdue interview, chatting about the amazing “Decibal […]

Episode 486: Merry Cryptmas

December 29, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

The Xmas season crept right up on us this year. In the past, we’ve made sure to break out all the jingle bells and whistles in honour of the Hellidays. We may have somewhat missed getting onboard Santa’s sleigh, but we did make sure to give our Beautiful MFers a special Christmas gift. Amazingly enough, we’ve never had Canuck death metal legends CRYPTOPSY on the show before. So when the band recently crossed the country and […]

Episode 485: Ghoulunatic Fringe

December 22, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

What hath GWAR wrought! By the time this pounds your eager eardrums, the Blood Of Gods tour should be wrapping up. The travelling carnival of chaos that is a live Gwar show is always a treat in itself. This time ’round, we got the amazing added bonus of Tank Crimes Records metal meisters GHOUL on the bill. What followed was a most interesting interview experience as we sat with the band, masks and all!! Digestor […]