Episode 486: Merry Cryptmas

December 29, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

The Xmas season crept right up on us this year. In the past, we’ve made sure to break out all the jingle bells and whistles in honour of the Hellidays. We may have somewhat missed getting onboard Santa’s sleigh, but we did make sure to give our Beautiful MFers a special Christmas gift. Amazingly enough, we’ve never had Canuck death metal legends CRYPTOPSY on the show before. So when the band recently crossed the country and […]

Episode 485: Ghoulunatic Fringe

December 22, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

What hath GWAR wrought! By the time this pounds your eager eardrums, the Blood Of Gods tour should be wrapping up. The travelling carnival of chaos that is a live Gwar show is always a treat in itself. This time ’round, we got the amazing added bonus of Tank Crimes Records metal meisters GHOUL on the bill. What followed was a most interesting interview experience as we sat with the band, masks and all!! Digestor […]

Episode 484: Hell’s Favorite Harlot

December 15, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

We’ve said it many times, metal and pro wrestling belong together like peanut butter and chocolate, like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, like Kerry King and Tom Araya… Many metalheads are pro wrestling fans and many wrestlers are metal fans. Our guest is a prime (evil) example. She’s the inaugural and current SHINE Nova Champion. She’s Hell’s Favorite Harlot, she’s The Priscilla Kelly. We go over her training, her quick rise in the business, and […]

Episode 483: Morbidly Angelic

December 8, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Old school MORBID ANGEL fans rejoice! The Florida legend’s last experimental album left a sour taste in the mouths of diehards the world over. Regardless of your personal feelings of said record, rest assured that it’s a new day in the Morbid camp. The new album “Kingdoms Disdained” is a return to former glory. It’s no small coincidence that Morbid’s return to greatness marks the return of bass/vocalist Steve Tucker. We sat down with the man on […]

Episode 482: Witch Way To Hell

December 1, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Decibel Magazine recently released their Top 40 albums of 2017 on their website. What a pleasant surprise to find that, not one, but both of our Creature Features made the grade! First up, (electronic) grinders FULL OF HELL recently came through town and we caught up with vocalist Dylan Walker. We got his thoughts on the brilliant “Trumpeting Ecstasy” album (#8), their straight edge/vegan lifestyles, and their somewhat offbeat collaborations. Canadian black/death metallers WORMWITCH put out a […]