Episode 431: Episode of Horror

October 28, 2016 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Greetings Boils and Ghouls! We couldn’t think of a better way to follow up our 10th anniversary milestone than by diving right into the Halloween season. In the past, we’ve gone all out, dedicating the entire month to the metallically macabre. This year, we have a lot on our docket but we still want to get into the spirit of the season. With that in mind, Season of Mist black metallers CARACH ANGREN kick off our Halloween festivities. While […]

Episode 430: Decade Of Radiation

October 21, 2016 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Happy F’n B-Day to us!! SLAYER had their decade of aggression and the CRÜE had their decade of Decadence. Let’s consider this episode the celebration of a Decade Of Radiation. Since 2006, the mighty RAM has been terrorizing the Internet, making it one of the longest running programs of our format. Despite celebrating a milestone, we’re not one to rest on our laurels. RAM prides itself on covering all the diverse sounds and sights of our beloved music. So we […]

Episode 429: Eyelovemetal

October 14, 2016 Roch Vaillancourt 0

The countdown is on! Next episode, we celebrate our 10th anniversary! Leading up to this amazing milestone we wanted to do something cool. The metal world is abuzz over the long overdue DISCHARGE tour with EYEHATEGOD ( w/ Randy Blythe) supporting. So it’s a good time to get EHG on the horn. We’re stoked to speak with bassist Gary Mader, as his hardcore side project CLASSHOLE has been spinning in the RAM offices. We discuss his relationship […]

Episode 428: I Wanna Be An Archie

October 6, 2016 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Earlier this year, our favorite comic book artist Gisele Lagace told us about her upcoming project involving ARCHIE and his gang entering the wonderful world of the RAMONES, simply titled “Archie Meets Ramones”. Of course being Ramones marks  but more importantly respecting the legacy and giving us an excuse to talk about them, we got Gisele back on the horn. We discussed how the project came to be, the research involved, Dee Dee Ramone being a hottie, and why it’s important to draw […]