Episode 347: Who’s the Man?

Current TESTAMENT bassist Steve DiGiorgio is a legendary musical journeyman whose resume would make even the most well rounded Metal veteran’s head spin… then explode. DiGiorgio was a major player in the pioneering of both the Bay Area (SADUS) and the rising early 90s death metal scenes. Taking a working vacation from his day gig, we caught up with Mr. DiGiorgio as he was terrorizing the nation playing tribute to the late, great Chuck Schuldiner as part of the Death To All tour. We were beyond stoked to discuss his time with Chuck and DEATH, the concept of Death To All, and his extensive resume. Who’s The Man? Sorry Scottie. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we go over our regional Wacken Metal Battle and tear Facebook a new one. Horns!!

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Death | Dragonlord | Testament

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Episode 346: The Relapse Effect

To create a deadly cocktail of any type, you need to mix at least two combustable elements. When word got back to the RAM offices that Relapse Records signed the legendary OBITUARY, the idea of that combination made our collective heads explode. The end result of this mayhemic mixture is the brilliant Inked In Blood album. While on tour as part of the Death To All celebration, we once again caught up with drummer Donald Tardy. We discussed their new home and record, this whole kickstarter controversy, the Roadrunner days, and memories of the late great Chuck Schuldiner. This episode is also a celebration of Relapse Records, so we serve up a healthy dose of their own brand of Metal sickness. We spread the disease with tunes from the very new to the more classic fare including Obituary, LORD DYING, CRETIN, RINGWORM, THE DRIP, MORTALS, PIG DESTROYER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NILE, HOODED MENACE, and GENERAL SURGERY. Horns Up!!

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Obituary | Death | Lord Dying | Cretin | Ringworm

The Drip | Mortals | Pig Destroyer | Toxic Holocaust

Nile | Hooded Menace | General Surgery

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Episode 345: Creature Feature Double Feature

It’s always good to feel needed. It feels even better to feel wanted or in demand. We seem to have an overabundance of artists vying for a Creature Feature segment than we have time or space for. We say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek but it is a good problem to have. Ultimately, it’s our Beautiful M-Fers that win as we find ourselves with two awesome interviews this week. First up is the recently, reluctantly, controversial MASSACRE. We sat down with bassist Terry Butler (who also does double duty with OBITUARY) just days before the fit hit the shan. We discussed the newish record Back From Beyond, the Death For All tour, and their taboo (for 2015) monicker. Crossing to the opposite coast, we caught up with legendary EXODUS drummer Tom Hunting.  We discussed the new album, the very early days with Kirk Hammett, and drinking Molson Brador with VOIVOD. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we share our experiences with the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY tour, chime in on the recent violence at a CATTLE DECAPITATION gig, and introduce Cali’s MADROST in our Indie Spotlight. Horns Up!!!

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Massacre | Exodus | Obituary | Voivod

Black Label Society | Cattle Decapitation | Madrost

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Episode 344: 8th Annual Rammy Awards

The pop culture award season is in full swing right now. Generally, Metalheads could give a rat’s ass about which actress won “America’s choice” or whatever. The only award ceremony that really matters is Radioactive Metal’s 8th Annual Rammy Awards! Basically it’s just us sharing with the Metal community all of our favorite moments of the past year that was 2014. This year we pull out all the stops with some new bells and whistles as we discuss our fave bands, albums, songs, live shows, news stories, and indie bands. And of course, we couldn’t go without our RAM Hall Of Fame inductions. 2014 was a most memorable year indeed. Horns up and here’s to 2015!!

2014 Rammy Awards

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Exodus | Static-X | Gwar | The Skull | One For Sorrow

Anti-Mortem | Death Penalty | Halestorm | The Pretty Reckless

King Diamond | AC/DC | Ringworm  | Anthrax | Machine Head

Bodycount | Ghost | Slayer | Airbourne | Pantera | Alice Cooper

Cathedral | D.R.I. | Cannibal Corpse | Black Tongue

Suicidal TendenciesArch Enemy

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Episode 343: Heavy Artillery

Pioneering thrash legends ARTILLERY never really got their just desserts but they achieved their cult following and retained their status over the years. Just because Metaldom doesn’t unjustifiably use the monicker in the same vein as The Big 4, it doesn’t mean we were any less thrilled to have them in our Creature Feature hotseat. Founding guitarist Michael Stutzer had us on the edge of our seats discussing Artillery yesterday and today, the 30th anniversary of their debut, and regales us with tales from his youth. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we once again discuss the BROKEN HOPE camp, all star groups/albums, and introduce Toronto metalheads EXES FOR EYES in our Indie Spotlight. Horns and Happy New Year!!

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Artillery | Exes For Eyes

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