Episode 331: A-Legion of Metal

For the most part, RAM has the tendency of kickin’ it old school. Chances are when a new(ish) hot band gets our attention, it’s from one of our fave HM magazines. The problem with the print media is just that… well, it’s print. Sometimes extreme Metal monickers can be their own unique beasts and the pronunciations can be hair pulling. Enter ALLEGAEON. Whaaaa??!! Fortunately, by the time the Metal Blade sci-fi thrashers got to town, we got the name locked down, saving face in front of guitarist Greg Burgess. We discussed the new Elements Of The Infinites album, the band’s connection to current Metal controversies, and male – ahem- compensations. In our News, Views and Tunes, we yack about the new GWAR members, and make our first trip to The Whorehouse!! Musically, we crank the some Allegaeon, the new BUCKCHERRY, TERRORIST, UPON A BURNING BODY (kidnapping hoaxes aside), and introduce our homies: Canadian thrashers LAIKA in our Indie Spotlight. Horns up, Mfers!!

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