Radioactive Metal

Episode 677: Halloween Post Game Show

November 4, 2021

The kids have trick or treated. Costumes have been put away. Cherished memories of Halloween celebrations have been filed for ever. But all Hallow's Eve ain't over yet!! Here at the RAM offices, we're not ready to release our demons into the Nov. 1st sunlight.  So being a music show, we grabbed a Clawful of (some of our fave) Metal. All appropriate to keep your October spirits undead. In between tunes, we discuss our first post covid Comic Con and pay tribute to Death manager Eric Grief and Metal journalist Malcolm Dome. Musically, we crank some new and used from Acid Witch, Vaultwraith, Slasher Dave, Impetigo, Hallow's Eve, Forgotten Rebels, Death Sentence, The Creepshow, Possessor, Lycanthro, Karpenter, Unto Others and Necroripper!! Holy Hell! That's some awesome tunage!! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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