Radioactive Metal

Episode 588: Gnarly News and Notes - 2019 News and Gnar Gnars interview

January 10, 2020

Radioactive Metal prides itself on our extensive coverage of our beloved genre 24/7/365. But sometimes with all that goes on in Metaldom somethings are bound to not make it into our offices. So this week in lieu of our usual "Creature Feature" we're going to take the time to right some wrongs. There were a few news and notes that we feel we never gave our just attention to. More importantly, there were some instances where we lost some of our Metal brethren and the proper tribute wasn't paid to. So as opposed to a "Best Of.." - type show, we decided to cap off 2019 by putting this pretty bullet belt bow on it. Of course, things are still fun and games as well. Canadian "toilet rock" punkers The Gnar Gnars spent a week in town which culminated in a sit down with us before a house show at Sky's place. These deviants definitely made for a great chat. Musically, we "drop a track" courtesy of some the gnarliest artists of the year including Abnormality, The Accused AD, Entrails, Batushka, Berthold City, No Mas, and the returning Nocturnas AD. Horns to 2020!

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