Radioactive Metal

Episode 419: Album Autopsy - Destruction’s Sentence of Death EP

July 29, 2016

In the early 80s, a new underground genre of aggressive heavy metal was being carefully crafted by the angry youth. Most fans believe that it was mainly happening in the USA but unbeknownst to them, the same thing was happening in Germany. Hailing from a small town on the Swiss/German border, DESTRUCTION was honing their craft and knocking on doors of record labels. Joining us in this Album Autopsy, metal legend Schmier reminisces about the early days of the band. We learn how the band was formed and what led to the release of the debut EP, Sentence of Death. He also shares stories about rehearsing in a wine cellar, a long train ride to Hanover where they were arrested upon arrival, the real reason why Steamhammer wanted to sign them, and working in the studio with a producer who couldn’t make heads or tails about their sound. And because of our Canadian roots, we also talk about Banzai Records and the World War III Festival in Montreal, where one band member got lost and Destruction almost had to cancel their show. Horns Up!!

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