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Episode 380: Album Autopsy - Possessed’s Seven Churches 30th Anniversary - Part 1

October 16, 2015

We love anniversaries... especially BIG ones! October 16th 2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of POSSESSED's Seven Churches album. This date also marks the official start of a little sub-genre called Death Metal. At first, it was only the name of a song but today, it's an industry. To celebrate this monumental release, we give you a new Album Autopsy and invite two of the architects of this album: vocalist and bassist Jeff Becerra of Possessed and legendary producer Randy Burns! In this first part, we discuss the song writing process, how Jeff pioneered a whole new style of vocal delivery, their relationship with Chuck Schuldiner, their lyrical content, how they wound up on Combat Records, and working in the studio with Randy. If you are a true fan of Death Metal, you must listen to this episode! Horns Up!

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