Radioactive Metal

Episode 366: Album Autopsy - Dangerous Toys’ Self-Titled Part 1

June 19, 2015

As the 80s were coming to a close, many amazing chart-topping albums were released that we still enjoy today. One album is the self-titled debut by DANGEROUS TOYS. Released in May 1989 and fueled by a couple of great promo videos and singles, the album reached #65 on the Billboard Charts and achieved Gold status. In Part 1 of this Album Autopsy, vocalist Jason McMaster and guitarist Scott Dalhover join us for an in-depth exclusive look at this masterpiece. We learn how the band was formed, how they wrote the songs, how they got their record deal at SXSW when it was just a local festival, recording at the legendary Sound City Studios with Max Norman, who was in the studio next to theirs, how four young Texans adjusted to living in California for a few months, and much much more! This is the most in-depth Album Autopsy we've done so far!

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